The New Volkswagen ID.3 Doesn’t Have Enough Buttons


Render of new ID.3

The all-electric Volkswagen ID.3 started rolling off assembly lines in 2020, and VW has been hard at work on a second-generation model. Now, Volkswagen has shared some details about the next version.

The second-gen ID.3 will be fully revealed “this coming spring,” but Volkswagen has already shared some information and renders. The exterior image shows a car that isn’t that far off from the current model, with the same unified headlight and mini-SUV design. However, the interior is a different story.

Volkswagen designed the current ID.3 with two large displays, one behind the steering wheel and another in the center panel, surrounded by an array of physical buttons and controls. However, the new model appears to be much more streamlined. The company said in a press release, “he standard equipment package has had an upgrade: it now includes a display with a diagonal measurement of 12 inches (30.5 centimetres), a removable luggage compartment floor and a centre console with two cup holders.”

Render of new ID.3 interior

Assuming the early renders are accurate, most of the car’s controls appear to be accessible only from one of the touch screens. That would bring the car more in line with competitors like Tesla, but is definitely a downgrade in usability — physical buttons are easier to find and press without taking your eyes off the road. Software controls in cars are also usually slow to respond, but the new ID.3 might be a different story.

Volkswagen is also planning upgrades to charging and driving assistance. The company said, “functions such as Plug & Charge and the intelligent Electric Vehicle Route Planner make the charging experience in the new ID.3 even more straightforward and convenient. VW is using the latest generation of fully integrated assist systems in the ID.3. Stand-out examples of this are the optionally available Travel Assist with Swarm Data and the Park Assist Plus with Memory Function.”

The new ID.3 will start at €43,995 in Germany when deliveries start in the fourth quarter of 2023. Unfortunately, it still seems like the car won’t be sold in the United States, leaving the US market with just the ID.4.

Source: Volkswagen

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