The Cooler Master Gaming Pod May Cause Your Friends to Worry


Orb X
Cooler Master

If there’s a flaw with gaming chairs, it’s that they still let you move around, don’t look like they’re about to swallow you whole, and allow the real world to somewhat exist in the periphery. Fortunately, Cooler Master is solving those issues with a new gaming pod/orb that may cause your family to wonder if someone’s checked on you lately.

The multi-purpose Orb X combines a gaming chair and desk into a cocoon-like pod not far off from the one Neo escaped in the The Matrix. It features an ergonomic recliner, built-in surround sound speakers, support for up to three 27″ monitors, and a fully automated motorized shuttle dome that partially seals you in once you sit down.

Should a friend in the room ask you a question mid-game, one can imagine making them wait while the dome reopens and then answering it. “Ok? Now I told you, don’t talk to me when the dome’s down.”

The Orb X is like the ultimate version of putting on sweatpants for the evening and says to the world that you’re probably not going out tonight. It’s what you sit in to definitely finish the game this time and wonder what day it is after tumbling off it.

There are also multiple USB ports, a five-inch subwoofer, LED accent lighting, and a hidden compartment (for licorice, presumably). With this many features, it’s simpler to note instead what’s not included, like a shower system, feeding tubes, and wheels to transport it to the head of the dining room table.

Orb X
Cooler Master

This isn’t the first elaborate gaming chair that looks like it gives birth to people in the future. The $20,000 Acer Predator Thronos gaming cockpit seems to belong on the wing of spaceship, and the bargain basement $14,000 Predator Thronos Air offers many of the same features, but lacks the motorized monitor arm its predecessor has. Why even bother gaming?

That said, the Orb X isn’t just being marketed for exceedingly immersive gaming. Cooler Master is promoting them for office use as well, in case the human resources department really wants you to pay attention to this year’s sexual harassment training.

The Orb X is not available as of yet, but those interested can sign up for the waiting list. It’s too bad, because it does like like a comfortable place to wait.

Source: Cooler Master

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