Taylor Swift Offers Fans Exchanges After ‘Eras’ Tour Merch Complaints — “After One Wash, the Print Was Horribly Faded”


Taylor Swift Eras tour merch distressed, offers exchanges

Photo Credit: Big Machine Records

Taylor Swift is offering some fans exchanges on ‘Eras’ merch after complaints about the quality.

Comments about the merch quality arose last month as fans began getting their hands on t-shirts. Some fans noted their shirts were fading or bleeding ink after just one wash cycle. A statement on the official Taylor Swift website says some fading of the ink may be normal. Now at the head of the Tour Collection page is a notice, “Tour Collection Merchandise Care Notice,” the title reads. 

“Due to the particular ink curing process used on certain Tour Collection products, after washing your merchandise, you may see a faint fade on the product print. This slight fade is related to the product’s distressed, vintage look,” the statement continues.

“Please also note it is important to follow product care instructions as listed on the product label when washing and drying your items, to best protect and maintain the product’s look and feel. However, if after washing your product you notice a dramatic loss of pigment or ink bleeding on to your product, please contact [the store] so we can help address the concern.”

An article from Vulture highlights some of the concerns fans have had about the Eras merchandise they received. “After one wash, the print was horribly faded to the point Taylor’s face on the print was unrecognizable,” one fan told Vulture. She says she waited for over five hours to buy the grey sweatshirt at a Las Vegas show. “It was also $65, which I feel like is more than enough for it to hold up. It’s super disappointing that it looks this bad.”

“The point of buying a shirt is to wear it, if I knew I couldn’t wear it, I would have gotten the water bottle or tour poster instead, which are cheaper than the clothing,” another fan said. Swift’s Eras Tour is ongoing and includes upcoming stops in Florida, Texas, and Georgia. 

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