Pink drops thousands on abstract painting by chimps at Miami Art Week


November 29, 2022 |

Miami Art Week is already going ape!

Pop star Pink is one of the first collectors of “ape art.” We’re told the singer purchased a $5,000 abstract painting from @rt by chimps at what’s being called the “first-ever exhibit of art by chimpanzees.”

Pink was very curious about the work, and “was heartened to learn that chimps find painting therapeutic and, like humans, the ape artists tend to be introspective,” an organizer for the exhibit told Page Six.

Acclaimed artist Karen Bystedt curated the show at the New World Symphony Center in Miami Beach, across the street from Art Basel.

We’re told Pink is one of the out-of-state collectors, who bought some of the first art ahead of the exhibit’s opening on Wednesday.

Pink called the abstract painting a masterpiece.
Save the Chimps

Pink purchased a large acrylic on black canvas “featuring vivid swaths of blue, white, and, you guessed it, pink!” the insider told Page Six.

The piece is called “Art by Patty & Kramer,” the name of the chimpanzees, and the purchases will benefit Save the Chimps sanctuary in Fort Pierce, Fla., where the animals live with “226 other chimpanzees rescued from labs, the pet trade, and the entertainment industry,” we’re told.


Chimpanzees Patty and Kramer painted the piece.

Save the Chimps


Chimpanzees Patty and Kramer painted the piece.

Save the Chimps

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The singer’s piece was a part of a pre-sale available to collectors who couldn’t make it to Miami for Art Week and Art Basel Miami Beach.

We’re told Pink selected her piece online “and sent a sweet note calling it ‘Patty and Kramer’s masterpiece’ and asking about the process.”

A rep for the “Get the Party Started” songstress did not get back to us about the purchase.

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